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Personal Info.
Name    : Suherman, Ph.D
Home    : Griya Insan Mulia, Asam Kumbang, Medan
E-mail  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK (2013).
Master in Networked and Distributed Systems (Computing), RMIT, Australia (2009).
Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (2000).

Current Job:
Lecturer in University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, since 2004.

Programmatic access to biological databases, EBI, Cambridge, UK (2011).
Summer Academy on Mobile Communication, TU-Ilmenau, Germany (2010).




Master students:
–   Faisal, topic: “Buck Boost Converter”.
–   Insidini Fawwaz, topic: “Edge detection of satellite image".
–   Ericky Benna, topic: “AES”.

–   Al-Khowarizmi, topic: “Simple Evolving Connectionist System”.
–   Joel Panjaitan, topic: “WiMAX schedulers for downlink video transmission”.
–    Evi Andriani, topic: “Redundancy Schema for Medical Video Transmission”.
–    Habibi Abdurrahman, topic: “UDP-Lite”.
–    Royto Sihombing, topic: “Air Conditioning Automatic Control”.
–    Fakhrur Rozi, topic: “Fast Bandwidth Request in WiMAX”.
–    Muhammad, topic: ”Reducing Energy Consumptions in WiMAX Clients”.
–    Mahdi Aziz, topic: ”Rateless code in load balancing”.
–    Rudi Chandra, topic: “Modeling Video Transmission”.
–    Muhammad Dodi, topic: “Image Analysis on Phylariasis Disease”.
–    Edi, topic: ”Harmonic reduction”.
–    M. Azhari, topic: “Energy Consumption Characteristics in transport protocols”.
–    Bahtiar, topic: “Automatic Energy reduction in light bulb”.
–    Abdullah, topic: “Kalman Filter for a two-legged robot balancing system”.

Bachelor students:

–   Guardo, topic: “Encrypted data transmission”.
–   Agustiar, topic: “Radio Through the Earth”.
–   Ulan, topic: “Energy model”.
–   Irsyad, topic: “Fasten TCP ACK by scheduling”.

–   Gio, topic: “FM Jammer”
–   Rizki, topic: “Prioritized ACK in 802.11”.
–   Andi, topic: “Encrypted data transmission”.
–   Arif Hutajulu, topic: “Adhoc Network”.
–   Stepanus, topic: “Buffered Transport Layer”.
–   Lasmen, topic: Shorten TCP Ack Route”.
–   Yogy Pradana, topic: “802.11 packet generation rate”.

–   Antan Wisuga, topic: “DCA vs EDCA on 802.11 Network”.
–   Arifin, topic: “Applying scheduler in NIST WiMAX Module”.
–   M. Yudha, topic: “Modelling WiMAX Subscriber Station Energy Consumption”.
–   Denny, Rizky, Elizabeth and Nofrizal, topic: “Content Delvery Networks”.
–   Junaidi, topic: “WiMAX Energy Consumption”.
–   Arifin, topic: “Applying scheduler in NIST WiMAX Module”.
–   Oktri Pani Wiranata, topic: “Booster Amplifier Modeling in WiMAX Subscriber Stations”.
–   Muhammad Mulia Maulana, topic: ”Modeling Video Transmission with Decodable Frame Rate”.
–   Ricky Mahyudin, topic: ”Datagram Size Impact on Energy Consumption in 802.11 Network”.
–   Fadlan Dwika, topic: “Bandwidth Request in WiMAX”.
–   Muhammad Fatih, topic: “Frame Duration Impact on WiMAX Video Transmission”.
–   Joshua, topic: “Comparing TCP and UDP Energy Consumptions”.
–   Robby Maulana: “Wireless Link for Periodic Image Transmission”.


- DIKTI Applied Research Grant, Air conditioning energy reduction, 2018. 

- DIKTI Fundamental Research Grant, Radio through the earth, 2018.

- BPPTN research grant on TCP-Lite, 2016.

- TALENTA grant, Network Trainer for SMK YPD Tebing Tinggi, 2016.

- IbM grant, Emergency radio system for Sinabung Eruption Area, 2016

Hibah bersaing research grant on mobile phone energy efficiency with Naemah Mubarakah, 2016-2017.

Priority research grant, topic: Energy efficiency, 2016-2017

Fundamental research grant topic: Multiple Access with Masykur Sani, 2015-2016.

IATE research grant, 2013-2015.

Fundamental research grant on topic Lectures on Demand with Arman Sani, 2014.

Hibah bersaing research grant on LMDS topic with Naemah Mubarakah, 2014.


Jurnal paper:

  • Suherman, Naemah, “Shortening TCP acknowledgement route…”, IJECE, under revision.
  • Suherman, Naemah, “Reducing mobile energy …”, IJECE, under revision.
  • Suherman, Arman Sani, “Scheduling…..”, IJSEIA, under revision
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Conference/Seminar papers:

  • Rahmad Fauzi, Suherman,”Periodical Image……”, ICCAI, Medan, 2016
  • Suherman, Habibi, “UDP-Lite…..”, AASEC, Bandung, 2016
  • Suherman, Junaidi,”WiMAX Subscriber…., NCIE, Banten, 2016
  • Suherman, Bahtiar,”Light bulb….”, NCIEE, Banten, 2016
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  • Naemah M, Suherman, “Increasing Video Surveillance Performance over LMDS System in Rainy Environment”, Elticom conference, Medan, Indonesia; 11/2015.
  • Abdullah, Suherman, “Sensor Drift Compensation for Balancing a two-wheeled Humanoid Robot Using Kalman Filter”, Seminar Ilmiah Dies Natalis, Universitas Sumatera Utara, 2015.
  • Arman Sani, Suherman, “Teknik Penjadwalan Berbasis Fitur pada WiMAX untuk Aplikasi Video on Demand”, Seminar Nasional Literasi Informasi (Senarai), Universitas Sumatera Utara; 12/2014.
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